End to a Positive Trend?

Sightline reports that per-capita gasoline usage in the Northwest is seeing an uptick after nearly a decade of decline.


2 responses to “End to a Positive Trend?”

  1. I speculate that some small portion of this change may be attributed to the bad economy causing people to spend less on preventative maintenance – tune-ups, proper tire inflation, etc., which can impact mileage. Combine that with a lot of wet weather and the fact that on most cars with A/C engaging the defogger also engages the A/C and reduces mileage.

    Certainly doesn’t explain the whole thing, but I’d love to know if anyone has studied the effect of those factors on recent trends.

  2. (And, as a commenter mentioned at the linked article, the price spike in gasoline a couple of years ago may have depressed the usage unusually prior to the 2009 uptick.)

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