Bikeability About More Than Bike Lanes

Via Pricetags:

A paper by PSU MURP candidate Nathan McNeil (PDF) analyzes “bikeability” and develops a Walkscore-style scoring system.

He specifically compares East Portland with more central parts of the City and gives East Portland an average score of 76 compared to 96 for more central neighborhoods. Among the points of comparison:

  • East Portland has a comparable density of bike lanes with other parts of the City
  • East Portland has a significantly lower density of bike boulevards than the rest of the City
  • Because the street grid is more disjointed in East Portland, someone willing to travel a mile by bike can only reach an area about 75% of the size of the area someone in central Portland could reach
  • Perhaps most tellingly, the density of destinations – places to bike to – in East Portland is about a quarter of that in the center of the City.

The title of the paper is a pretty clear pointer to the solution: “Bikeability and the Twenty-Minute Neighborhood”. Portland is going to need to develop some neighborhood centers in East Portland before cycling can possibly be as strong as in other parts of the City.

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