T4America Supports Climate Bill

Transportation for America supports the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill, which among other things includes another $1.8B for TIGER grants (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery).

They’d like you to call your Senators. Learn more at their blog.

2 responses to “T4America Supports Climate Bill”

  1. Maybe it would be better to call the EPA and ask why high mpg vehicles can’t be sold in the US, even if they don’t meet the EPA’s ppm standards. If a car can produce less CO2 and get mpg in the 50-80 range, why can’t we buy them, if they think CO2 is so critical.

  2. Because they also think minimizing particulate emissions is critical.

    They may have to rethink that possible contradiction, but when you’re talking disallowed “high mpg” cars from overseas, you’re talking Diesel engines.

    Additionally “high mpg” from Diesel is in part due to the fact that a gallon of Diesel has a greater energy density, and when made from fossil fuel sources, more potential CO2 emissions than a gallon of gasoline.

    Depending on the source consulted, Diesel has around 10%+ greater energy density. This means that if you switch from a gasoline car getting 36MPG to a Diesel getting 40MPG, you’re not emitting less CO2 at the tailpipe for any given mile driven.

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