Should We Party?

Over on the Open Thread, there’s a comment that points out that we’re coming up on our five-year anniversary here at Portland Transport, and suggests that maybe we should have a celebration?

What do folks think? We launched just after July 4th in 2005, should we have what would only be our second-ever meetup? What would we do to celebrate?

4 responses to “Should We Party?”

  1. To Ron: Let the teabaggers have tax day if they want it, July 4th belongs to all Americans, not just those who shout the loudest.

    Back to the topic at hand: I propose a location convenient to transit and bikes, and with plenty of bike parking. Something in the inner eastside, perhaps?

    Otherwise, will the new bike tracks on Marshall be done in time to do something in that area?

  2. Oh I do have fun now and then, Ron, sorry if I came off too politically-reflexive… (And I’ll resist conflating “teabagging” and “fun” in a single snarky retort. ;-) )

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