Perspectives on Bikes and Transit

Last year I had the opportunity to help draft the chapter on bicycle and transit integration in the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2035.

So when I learned that a University of Colorado researcher was organizing a focus group on the topic here in Portland, I asked for the chance to sit in. A couple of interesting insights:

  • Even when there is room on a MAX train for bikes (empty hooks) some folks with bikes are reluctant to take their bikes on during rush hour because they feel like they are inconveniencing other passengers due to the crowding.
  • Bike parking is too cheap! The $50-60 dollars that TriMet charges annually for a bike locker at a transit center is not expensive enough to discourage some folks who don’t actively use them from continuing to hold the lockers. Users would happily pay more if it resulted in more lockers being built/available.

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