Is There a Rush to Replace Fred?

Updated: 10am

Spokesperson Mary Fetsch has provided this list of folks involved in the selection:

George Passadore, TriMet’s Board President, appointed board members Rick Van Beveren and Tiffany Sweitzer to join the Board President in forming the TriMet Board Selection Committee.

Additionally, to assist the Selection Committee, a Selection Advisory Group was formed to help in providing screening, review and advice regarding all applicants that are presented to the Selection Committee. The individuals on the Selection Advisory Group are Tom Brian, Chair of the Washington County Commission; Lynn Peterson, Chair of the Clackamas County Commission; Diane McKeel, East Multnomah County Commissioner; Metro Councilor/JPACT chair Carlotta Collette and Robert Williams, past TriMet Board Member and the Board liaison for the Committee on Accessible Transportation.

Original Post:

The transportation grape vine is buzzing with a meme that TriMet already has a short list of candidates to succeed General Manager Fred Hansen.

But the official word from TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch is that the selection committee has yet to meet, and there is no specific timeline.

The Metro Council has had a discussion in one of their worksessions about what input Metro should have in the process, and Metro President David Bragdon has spoken with TriMet board president George Passadore. Bragdon indicates that he was left with the impression that a successor might be named as early as the end of the month.

Fetsch tells me that TriMet would welcome any citizen suggestions about the selection process, but as far as I can tell there is no defined citizen involvement process for the decision.

What are our readers hearing about the process?

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