Rail~Volution is Coming!

The annual Rail~Volution conference, founded in Portland, is coming back home this year from October 18-21.

Would you like to contribute to a conference presentation? The call for proposals is out:

Rail~Volution is a conference for passionate practitioners – people from all perspectives who believe in the role of land use and transit as equal partners in the quest for greater livability and greater communities.

Never before has Rail~Volution’s mission of building livable communities with transit aligned so perfectly with the federal agenda. Thanks to President Obama’s commitment to creating sustainable communities, we truly have the opportunity to work in partnership with policy makers at all levels to grow more livable places — regardless of their size, shape, demographics, locations, or economies. These ground-breaking partnerships are setting the stage for the next decade at all levels, with commitments to transit resources, renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable housing and communities.

The success of the conference depends on the quality and diversity of presentations. Help enliven the discussion! Give us your ideas now!

Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2010.

This year’s program includes three conference tracks, each with suggested topics for discussion. We are asking that you identify the track that best fits your proposal ideas.
The 2010 Conference tracks are:

  • Core Sessions: An in-depth introduction to the principles that are the foundation for creating livable communities that respond to our economic, energy and environmental challenges.
  • Livable Communities: Strategies for planning and financing livable communities in the next real estate cycle, with the goal of enhancing transit ridership and creating neighborhoods that meet the needs of today’s changing society.
  • Partnering for Sustainable Communities: A discussion of the power of partnerships to create and sustain economically vibrant, environmentally responsible, and socially diverse communities for future generations.

Please visit www.railvolution.com/CallForProposals.asp to submit a proposal.

For information on sponsorships or the conference’s trade show, please call 800.788.7077 or email convene@aol.com.

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