Updated: Portland Streetcar Awarded $23M in TIGER Funds

Update: 3/9/10

In the comments to this post I was asked if the grant was for the entire Innovation Quadrant program, or if it applied to the Moody component only.

I learned last week that in fact the grant amount awarded is only for Moody. We’ll need to keep looking for funding for the Sustainability Center and OMSI pieces of this puzzle.

Original Post: 2/17/10

The “Innovation Quadrant” TIGER grant application was successful and will receive $23,203,988 (I want those last eight dollars!) in funding.

This will go a long way toward “closing the Loop” and connecting the service to OMSI back across the Willamette to South Waterfront and back up to PSU.

Sadly, it appears that no other Oregon projects were funded. I was rooting for the Metro proposal that would have funded a large chunk of the desired bike network in N/NE Portland.

The full list of recipients is here (PDF). The Oregon award is on page 51 of the PDF.

On a further Streetcar note, Tuscon received $63M for their project, and that will mean jobs at Oregon Ironworks, building their seven vehicles.

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