How City Club Would Flow the Money

Last week I wrote about the new City Club report (PDF 5.5M) on transportation governance.

I’d like to dig in a little deeper this week, starting with finances. Excerpted from the report is this chart showing how transportation dollars flow into and through the region today, and how City Club would suggest reorganizing this.

Fundamentally is matches what I think should be a national change in policy, giving more authority to MPOs (Metropolitan Planning Organizations) and a bit less to State DOTs.

You can learn more and participate at two meetings this week: discussion at City Club on the evening of March 3rd (5:30-7pm at the Club offices as 901 SW Washington) and the vote on the report at the Friday Forum on March 5th (11:45 at the Governor Hotel).


2 responses to “How City Club Would Flow the Money”

  1. I would prefer it if fewer dollars went to DC in the first place (to be ground through the sausage factory), in exchange for less Federal largess. That way our transit choices would be less dependent on a) the politics of whoever is in the White House (W was not a friend of transit, after all), or b) the relative power of our Congressional delegation. And c) the sausage-makers in Washington wouldn’t be getting their cut, and d) there wouldn’t be the view that Federal dollars are somehow “free” money.

  2. @EngineerScotty

    If this report is correct, then blue states (including Oregon) tend to get severely shafted on federal taxes returned to the state. It makes me wonder if progressives shouldn’t team up with Grover Norquist in trying to starve the federal government.

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