A Good Day for Bikes in Portland

Thursday was indeed a good day!

The Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 passed City Council unanimously, and Mayor Adams has promised to return in 30 days with a plan to kickstart $20M in new funding to get it rolling.

Obscured by that headline, earlier in the day City Council put all-but-the-finishing touches on the RICAP 5 zoning amendment package (one unrelated item needs to come back for further scrutiny in 3 weeks). This package includes an amendment increasing the required bicycle parking in new multi-dwelling buildings (condos and apartments). The current requirement is 0.25 spaces per unit (1 bike parking space for every four apartments or condo units). Under the revised code that ratio will go to 1.5 spaces/unit in the Central City and 1.1 in other parts of the City.

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