Why You Should Help Build It (and How)

I had the opportunity to sign on early for the “Build It” campaign that the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and allies have created to get the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030 adopted and funded.

Here’s why I think this is not just important, but vital, for Portland’s future:

  • Cycling provides healthy mobility, and will make our community healthier and cut health care costs.
  • Cycling helps shape livable communities and will support “20 minute neighborhoods”.
  • Cycling provides low cost mobility and provides more affordable transportation options to individuals and will require fewer public resources than other ways of providing equivalent mobility.
  • Cycling will help us meet our climate action goals.

In short, this is a very affordable investment that will pay multiple benefits for Portland’s future.

I encourage all our readers to sign on to the campaign and support the Plan. Here’s how you can do it.

Start by taking your picture with the “Build It” logo (PDF).

Then there are three ways you add your photo to the campaign. Pick whichever is easiest or most expressive for you.

  • e-mail the photo to buildit@bta4bikes.org
  • tweet the photo to @MayorSamAdams with your message and the #BUILDIT hash tag
  • On Facebook, becomes friends with the campaign here and add your photo and message to the wall

There’s more you can do, from attending the rally to testifying at City Council next Thursday (and after, in the budget process). To learn about these opportunities check out the ‘act’ page on the campaign site.

Do it now.

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