Intellectual Freedom at Work

I can’t help but note the irony, and admire the freedom of discourse, that Randall O’Toole will appear at Powell’s on Friday to promote his book that criticizes urban transit lines.

From the publisher’s comments:

As a result, the automobile which is accessible to almost every family in the nation and provides unparalleled access to better housing, low-cost consumer goods, a choice-driven affordable life, and freedom — is being deliberately forced off the transportation grid by the expensive “solution” of little-used high-speed trains and urban transit lines.

Of course, the eponymous owner of this venue is Michael Powell, chair of the board of Portland Streetcar, Inc.

7 responses to “Intellectual Freedom at Work”

  1. Powell has always been a stalwart defender of freedom of speech; this isn’t the first time (by a long shot) that right-wingers haven’t been invited to his store(s) to promote their books.

  2. the automobile [snip] is being deliberately forced off the transportation grid

    If “they” are trying to “force” automobiles off the transportation grid, “they” are doing a crappy job of it. Is there anywhere in this country where automobiles have been forced off the grid at all? Anywhere where there’s a serious proposal to do so? Anywhere that motorists are denied their choice to drive (other than by license revocation)?

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