Focus on Safety

Everything’s coming up safety this week:

  • Mayor Adams has scheduled the 2010 Portland Transportation Safety Summit:

    4th Annual Transportation Safety Summit
    February 16, 2010, 6:30 – 8:30 pm
    University of Oregon – White Stag Building
    70 NW Couch St., Portland
    (convenient to Old Town MAX station)
    RSVP to
    Childcare can be provided with at least 1 week notice. Please contact Sharon White by Feb. 9, 2009 to make arrangements: Sharon White (503) 823-7100 or

  • In preparation for the summit, the mayor invites you to take a transportation survey.

  • ODOT is seeking input on its Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP). The BTA blog has the details.

2 responses to “Focus on Safety”

  1. Yay! Another survey! Another meeting to discuss what we already know and come up with solutions that were thought up years ago!
    Where’s the activism? Where’s the action? We seem to keep having meetings in Portland over the same things that always result in the same solutions, which are never implemented because the data gets “too old” or “we need another study for the purpose of having another study.”

  2. I think that the city/region/activists (credit who you want) have at least gotten drivers to notice pedestrians and bikes. I’ve seen a lot more people patiently waiting at stop signs or yielding to pedestrians lately.

    Maybe it’s only happening in NW Portland, but I’m impressed by the improved courtesy of many drivers in the area over the past year or two.

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