Willamette Shoreline Transit Plugs Along

From Metro:

Metro and its partners continue to work to develop a transit project that meets future travel demand between Lake Oswego and Portland, supports local and regional land use plans, and garners public acceptance and community support. The transit project is now preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, studying the potential benefits and impacts of three alternatives in the corridor. The DEIS analyzes the direct and indirect effects of the alternatives.

After the DEIS publication, anticipated for summer 2010, public events will offer an opportunity to share information and solicit comments about the no-build, enhanced bus and streetcar alternatives and design options based on a comparison of potential benefits and impacts. The project steering committee will rely on public input and the analysis results to select a Locally Preferred Alternative in fall 2010.

The project partners have just published the latest newsletter for the project, outlining the alternatives and design options being analyzed in the study. The newsletter has been mailed to residents and businesses in the corridor as well as people who have signed up to the project’s interested persons list and have provided their mailing addresses.

A web version of the newsletter is available at http://library.oregonmetro.gov/files/lopt_newsletter-112409-web.pdf.

For more information on the project, visit www.oregonmetro.gov/lakeoswego. For questions, send e-mail to trans@oregonmetro.gov or call 503-797-1756.

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