Sam Takes on JPACT Over Greenhouse Gases

OPB is quoting Mayor Sam Adams threatening to vote no on the Regional Transportation Plan unless we can get project-by-project analysis of climate change impacts (against a context of an RTP that predicts a 50% increase in GHG emissions by 2035).

Metro is taking the position that such analysis would be available for the 2014 RTP update, and meanwhile suggests some interim actions:

  • Local transportation system plans – TSP updates will begin in late-2010 to be consistent with the new RTP policies and targets, including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program – Metro Council and JPACT/MPAC revise the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) criteria to help the region select transportation investments that meet all the RTP performance targets including minimizing global warming. Multi-modal transportation investments within designated centers, corridors and employment areas should be the focus of investments.
  • Corridor refinement plans – Investments identified through corridor refinement plan studies will be evaluated and prioritized on their ability to best leverage the region’s desired outcomes, including minimizing contributions to global warming.
  • Local land use commitments and regional capacity ordinance work – In December 2010, adopt a regional capacity ordinance that commits communities and the region to specific land use actions that minimize contributions to global warming.

I’m with Sam that we need per-project analysis. Go, Sam, go!

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