New United Streetcar Video

OK, it’s blatant promotion – but it’s still a cool story. Check it out on their home page.

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  1. I’m very glad that they featured a link on their home page (linked-to by Chris) to the video I shot for PortlandTransport in July of Transportation Secretary LaHood’s speech. Now if United Streetcar would only return my calls. I don’t bite, too much… :-)

  2. for all their hype, i hear the new MAX cars are louder than the old ones. any truth to this?

    The MAX cars are a bit off-topic, but I’ve heard a number of the Type IV cars from the outside, and they seem quieter to me (at least at low speeds downtown). Interior-wise, I’ve only chanced to ride the Type IVs a few times and haven’t paid that much attention to sound. I did record a video on a Type IV preview ride, but the conversation amongst all the preview riders was quite boisterous and drowned out any out-of-the-ordinary mechanical sounds.

    As for the new streetcar, I’ve only seen it in motion a couple of times, and I found its electrical (inverter) noise to be qualitatively different than the other two streetcar models in regular service, but didn’t notice a significant difference in overall volume.

  3. We’re currently evaluating a possible opportunity to replace the propulsion system in the prototype car with an American-made alternative. The in-service date is indeterminate at this point.

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