RTP Gets Lukewarm Reviews from Progressive Transportation Advocates

Metro has concluded the public hearings on the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan and let’s just say that the progressives aren’t turning hand-stands.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance likes the bike projects but isn’t happy about the balance of auto projects in the mix.

There are also many strong elements to the RTP, and the BTA believes that Metro is making incremental progress towards achieving a balanced and healthy transportation system. However we must again stress that this incremental progress, on the whole, is not sufficient towards changing the overall reliance on automobiles and the associated consequences, including poor environment, high system and user costs, increased travel time and predictability, inactive and unhealthy population, and inequity of access for the total population.

And Coalition for a Livable Future’s testimony was along the same lines:

Mara Gross, policy director for the Coalition for a Livable Future, came to Metro to talk about climate change. Though she was generally supportive of the recommendations, she said they included too much focus on new roads and not enough emphasis on transportation choice.

“Roads are expensive, and it doesn’t leave much money for other needs,” Gross said.

Radical transformation to deal with Peak Oil and Climate Changes does not appear to be in our immediate future…

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