Metro Releases RTP Draft in Context of a Fixed UGB

Metro Chief Operating Officer Michael Jordan released his recommendations for Metro’s Greatest Place plan (a combination land use and transportation planning effort). This is a formality, the COO recommendation is in fact the synthesis of work done by staff and approved by advisory committees of elected officials (JPACT and MPAC).

The plan is unique in a couple of aspects:

  1. To the extent possible (read – as permitted by State law) the recommendation is to NOT expand the Urban Growth Boundary and instead accommodate our next 20 years of growth inside the existing UGB, focusing on investing in the 2040 centers concept.
  2. The Regional Transportation Plan component actually contemplates that we can see a ‘final form’ for our road network, i.e., that freeways with 3 lanes in each direction and major arterials spaced a certain distance apart are the limit of how much real estate we want to devote to moving cars. The future challenge is to move goods and people by managing that road network to its maximum effectiveness.

And along the way, Metro seems to have figured out RSS. (But didn’t quite get the Atom feed right.)

Having served on MPAC during the formative stages of this plan, I’m delighted to see it released.

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