Characteristics of a Reslient Transport City

I mentioned that I was reading Resilient Cities.

From the book, here are the key elements for a resilient transport city:

  1. A transit system that is faster than traffic in all major corridors.
  2. Viable centers along the corridors that are dense enough to service a good transit system.
  3. Walkable areas and cycling facilities that can mean easy access by nonmotorized means, especially in these centers.
  4. Services and connectivity that can guarantee access at most times of the day or night without time wasted.
  5. Phasing out freeways and phasing in congestion taxes that are directed back into the funding of transit and walk/cycle facilities as well as traffic-calming measures.
  6. Continual improvement of vehicle engines to ensure emissions, noise, and fuel consumption are reduced, especially a move to electric vehicles.
  7. Regional and local governance that can enable visionary green transport plans and funding schemes to be introduced.

What do we think of the list?

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