Streetcar Takes its Share of the Pain

Along with all the scheduled changes last Sunday to move buses back to the Transit mall, it might have been missed that Portland Streetcar also had a schedule change.

Several months ago, TriMet informed Streetcar that for the upcoming operating year, it would be reducing its funding to Streetcar operations by the same 8% that TriMet itself is facing in budget reductions this year.

This represents about a $300K hit to the Streetcar budget (TriMet provides about 2/3rds of operating funding). While some of this has been made up for by favorable variations in other revenue areas (like sponsorships) and cuts in areas that don’t involve customer service, Streetcar will be cutting 300-500 service hours from its schedule (that somewhere around 1.5% of the current annual total of 35,000 service hours).

Peak service hours will not be affected, nor will overall hours of service. Basically the daily ramp up/ramp down of the number of vehicles out on the system will be a little slower, so there will be one less vehicle in operation 60-90 minutes per day.

No positions have been eliminated, the reduction in service will be accomplished through a reduction in overtime hours.

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