Efforts to Address Climate Change Inch Forward

In Salem, we have a new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Task Force. Here’s a note from the Oregon Environmental Council on the bill:

House Bill 2186 passed the Senate Wednesday evening, the House concurred with Senate amendments Thursday, and the bill now goes to the Governor for his signature. Thanks for your help!

As mentioned in my earlier email, besides the centerpiece of the bill, a low-carbon fuel standard, HB 2186 sets up a Metropolitan Planning Organization Greenhouse Gas Emissions Task Force. This Task Force, co-chaired by House Speaker David Hunt and Senate President Peter Courtney, will evaluate how to move all MPOs forward on reducing greenhouse gases through better transportation and land use planning and will make recommendations for legislation to be considered during the 2010 special session. (As you remember under HB 2001, Metro is required to develop and adopt a land use and transportation scenario that reduces greenhouse gases and the Eugene/Springfield MPO is required to develop a nonbinding scenario.)

In D.C. the Waxman-Markey “Clean Energy and Security Act” has passed the House (a cap-and-trade approach), although Peter DeFazio voted NO in protest because he didn’t think it had enough teeth.

Let’s hope this is not all “too little too late.”

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