Updated: Walk There

Updated: 5/5/09

My correspondent at Metro tells me that the Walk There guide is now available in an updated second edition, but is, unfortunately, no longer free. It is available for $9.95 from the Metro Data Resource Center and at local book stores.

Many of the walks are available as free downloadable PDFs from Metro’s web site.

Original Post: 7/14/08

Walk There Cover

Taking a walk has taken on a new meaning these days. Metro has just released a book all about it. It’s called “Walk There!”, and it’s a guide to 50 treks in and around Portland and Vancouver.

OK so walking is not new, but when you combine gorgeous summer weather with gas prices going through the roof, you can come up with lots of reasons to hit the streets. It’s safe, it’s healthy, it’s good for the environment, and one of the easiest, most affective activities you can do to save money.

The 50 walks are indexed by city, and cover the entire region. There are five categories:

  • Nature in Neighborhoods Walk- features parks, trails and scenic
    places close to home

  • Power Walk- routes with longer distances and elevated terrain
  • City Cruise- walks within city centers and commercial districts
  • History Walk- learn about the region’s rich history firsthand
  • Lunchtime Stroll- walks are over level terrain, take about an
    hour and are suitable for people with mobility assistance devices or strollers

The book, which is free, was produced with funds from Kaiser Permanente. You can pick it up at Metro’s Data Resource Center at 600 NE Grand Avenue, or order it online for a $5 shipping fee (www.oregonmetro.gov). It will be also be distributed through Kaiser health education classes, community walking events and other Kaiser programs. Or, hit the web, where you can download all 50 featured walks.

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  1. > “with gas prices going through the roof”

    Rex, I thought gas was only $1.25 / gallon – I mean, isn’t that what the CRC folks think?

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