TriMet Responds on Bridge Design

Photomatch_Hybrid_NEW FINAL copy-cropped

Photomatch_V-Tower_NEW FINAL-cropped

TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch e-mailed me a few minutes ago with the photos you see here (click on the photos to view full-size, the thumbnails don’t really do them justice) and the following statement:

Chris: We have selected a bridge architect with more than 40 years experience working on signature bridges including cable-stayed , suspension and hybrid bridges, and also bike and ped bridges. His work includes the Golden Gate Bridge, the Oakland Bay Bridge and others. I’ve included a link to his website.

We have two bridge designs on the table and I have attached pictures of each. Next week the WRBAC (Willamette River Bridge Advisory Committee) will weigh in on these two designs and by the end of June we will select one to move further into preliminary engineering.

We are still in contract negotiations but the architect selected is Donald MacDonald.

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