Fort Worth Hearts Portland (especially Streetcar)

Passed on by a reader.

Even I’ll admit it’s a bit over the top.

5 responses to “Fort Worth Hearts Portland (especially Streetcar)”

  1. doesn’t sound like he rode the bus much.

    “It becomes tightly knit into the very fabric of the neighborhoods it passes through in a way that no bus ever has or could.”

    I lived in DFW for a while, and I love the FW part. It was where I would have liked to live, but I worked in the D part.

  2. As the author of the linked piece – it’s “a bit over the top” to you because you’re used to it all. To us, from transit-starved North Central Texas, it was revelatory. Sometimes I’m not sure y’all get just how good you have it in Portland. :)

  3. Kevin Buchanan wrote: But the TriMet buses blow our own bus service out of the water.

    Please elaborate.

  4. For starters, Eric, Fort Worth is a city with around the same population as Portland, but only 25,000 people or so ride the bus every day. Even Dallas, which is a much, much bigger city than Portland and has a light rail system, has fewer riders systemwide than Portland. Fort Worth also does not have any lines that I know of that run more than two buses an hour.

    I lived in suburban Fort Worth up until about three years ago, and the closest bus stop was more than a mile away and it only came every hour. I know they are finally trying to improve transportation in DFW with more buses, light rail, and streetcars, but as it stands now the metro area has a lot of suburban sprawl with no transportation options.

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