First Hybrid/All-Electric Bus

From Proterra’s web site:

Based in Golden, Colorado, Proterra manufactures the world’s first hybrid- and all-electric, all-composite body transit vehicles built from the ground up to offer dramatic improvements in fuel efficiency while generating ultra-low or no emissions. Proterra offers all-battery and battery dominant vehicles using an array of auxiliary power units, including bio-diesel, gasoline, compressed natural gas, and hydrogen fuel cells.

“Proterra’s mission is producing the world’s most energy efficient transit vehicles while offering the lowest lifetime cost of ownership,” said President Jeff Granato. “Our vehicles are the right choice for these times of skyrocketing fuel costs and economic uncertainty.

4 responses to “First Hybrid/All-Electric Bus”

  1. Yea but its not a DMU, streetcar, or LRV, so we will never see anything of this sort in Portland Oregon, the bike capital of the WORLD!

  2. The folks in Beijing and Shanghai are supposed to be starting to get into electric buses big time. Their buses on the whole may or not be quite as state of the art as Proterra’s, but their battery and electric drive technologies probably are as good as any and getting better.

  3. …we will never see anything of this sort in Portland Oregon…
    IMO, never say never! Maybe C-TRAN will hear of these and decide to add some, running them on the Portland Express routes and turning heads wherever they go (just like their year-old hybrids).

  4. Al M. wrote: Yea but its not a DMU, streetcar, or LRV, so we will never see anything of this sort in Portland Oregon

    Agreed. TriMet would never touch one of these for one and only one reason – IT’S A BUS.

    C-Tran might.

    SMART might. (I don’t think SAM and CAT are ready for anything above a cutaway bus, but the “shuttle” variety of bus looks to be close to their size.)

    Maybe…just maybe, the Port of Portland will look at these buses; but they just purchased a new fleet of buses. They do have a handful of the old buses around, though, that should be up for replacement shortly. And maybe the City of Tualatin will bite the bullet and drop out of TriMet.

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