All Bikes at City Club This Week

From the City Club bulletin:

In Portland, bicycling is more than a way to get around – it’s a way of life. According to the League of American Bicyclists, Portland is America’s number-one major city for biking. A significant economic force, Portland’s bicycle industry generated nearly $90 million and sustained approximately 1,000 jobs last year. Bicycling eases traffic congestion, improves air quality and enhances public health in the metro area. And by leveraging one of the community’s most valuable public assets – the right-of-way space long allocated to cars – Portland is emerging as a model for sustainable urban living in the 21st century.

On May 1, City Club welcomes Jay Graves, owner of the Bike Gallery, Mia Birk, principal at Alta Planning & Design, and Jonathan Nicholas, a founder of Cycle Oregon, who will discuss bicycles and bicycling as an economic influence, an urban planning opportunity and a lifestyle.

City Club is also pleased to announce its first-ever bicycle exposition, in which eighteen local bike builders will be showcasing their one-of-a-kind, hand-made bicycles. Come early to enjoy the bikes and to speak with these artisans about their creations. Find a full list of attending bike builders here.

Tickets are going fast! Lunch is $16 for members; $20 for nonmembers. Registration closes April 29 at 2:00 p.m. unless tickets sell out sooner.To register for lunch, click here. To reserve a table, please call 503-228-7231 x100. Coffee/tea and general admission tickets are $5 and are available at the door.

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