Portland to Fund Sellwood?

Update: I mis-labeled the meeting below and have corrected it.

As one reader wrote to us “You guys have to cover this”.

This being the idea that the City of Portland should kick in some of its transportation funds, to the tune of $8M per year, to generate much of the local match for the Sellwood Bridge project, even though the County owns the bridge.

The rationale is that Portland has a vital interest in the bridge, and Multnomah County is simply never going to have the necessary revenue given how transportation funds are distributed.

To be clear, the proposed $8M is based on the assumption that Portland will receive a substantial increase in transportation funding from the State under the Governor’s proposed transportation package. No new funding, no deal.

I was at the Mayor’s transportation cabinet Safe, Sound and Green Streets meeting where this was discussed and I can tell you no one was happy about the idea (because Portland has so many unmet needs of its own) but there was general recognition that this may be inevitable. But there was considerable interest in negotiation a contribution lower than $8M.

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