A bi-partisan group of Senators and Representatives have just introduced the “Clean Low-Emissions Affordable New Transportation Equity Act“, a new approach to funding transportation that would reward states based on the degree to which they reduced their emissions.


2 responses to “And Now … CLEAN TEA”

  1. I dont’ know the details yet, but I am looking forward to this sort of thing immensely. One of the prime functions of government is transportation and I think it is long overdue that we invest in active transportation corridors and infrastructure.

  2. I finished to write letters to my politicans today about Zero and Low Emissions for New Transportation Equity Act done. I support Electric Trolleybuses for my longest endrosements. It helps transit agency can save fuel costs and get their improving budgets more than diesel costs. Ok for some diesel buses for reasons used on freeway, suburban, shuttle MAX, other reasons. Avoid service cuts and other things to cut frequents under electric trolleybuses and streetcars both work fine.

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