Transit Trimmed in Final Stimulus Deal

The dollars allocated by the House to the New Starts program got dropped in conference committee. The Transport Politic blog has a full comparison.

On the upside, high-speed rail got $8B.

7 responses to “Transit Trimmed in Final Stimulus Deal”

  1. what does this mean for the Eastside Loop? Or is it funded from something else?

    It’s certainly not funded by name (no transit projects were).

    But I think we might be eligible under the ‘discretionary grants’. Presumably we’ll be pitching Secretary LaHood on this.

  2. Wow it’s amazing how congress works. I love how Senate and house both had zero on one item then settle for a dollar amount in the millions or billions

    By the way I’m new on here.

    My name is Dan I drive out of Powell Garage

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