Sellwood Recommendation – It’s “D”

Just in from regular reader Jason Barbour:

Please allow me to interrupt the stream of recent “All CRC All the Time” comments in the aforementioned thread, and in “8, 10, 12?,” for the following late-breaking news regarding the Sellwood Bridge Project:

The Community Task Force has met as the CTF for the final time, and is presenting the following recommendations to the Sellwood Bridge Policy Advisory Group. As a CTF member, I’m pleased to announce the results here.”D” Alignment (current alignment, extended to the South)Signalized westside interchangeBike/Pedestrian signal on the eastside intersection of SE Tacoma and SE 6th Ave.No clear consensus between a 64′ 2-vehicle land bridge and a 76′ 3-vehicle lane bridge (both have separate adequate bike and pedestrian facilities across the bridge). There is consensus that the recommendation is against a 4-lane bridge of any configuration (includes extra lanes disguised as “transit lanes”). Serving on the project has been absolutely incredible.I wouldn’t trade it for any other experience I could’ve had during the time. I also thank everyone else who’s been involved, including members of the public who’ve attended meetings, provided candid testimony, sparked vigorous debate, and asked us to consider their position while we made our decision.

As for me, everyone keeps saying “see you around town…,” but I have a feeling they haven’t seen the last of me. ;) (In a good way, OK?!) Now, back to your regularly-scheduled comments, already in progress.

Now back to CRC coverage…

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