Coming Up on the KBOO Bike Show: On-Air Bike Party

Dear Friends in Cycling,

Wow! What a banner year for cycling! The KBOO Bike Show is inviting you to come celebrate LIVE on the air with us at our New Year’s Open House.

Blind Pilot, a Portland-based rock band that tours by bike, will perform live in the studios. We’re inviting people on the air to share their favorite moments of 2008 and hopes for 2009.

What got you excited?
Was it going platinum?
Bike shop growth?
Sunday Parkways?
A reduction in accidents?
Laughing as the gas prices rose?
Seeing more people on bikes?
Having more fun on your bike?

KBOO Studios, 20 SE 8th (8th and E. Burnside) Wednesday, January 7th 9-10am

Come down for the party. Grabbing the mic to share your thoughts is OPTIONAL. You may also call in at 503-232-8187 during the show.

We’ll have coffee and pastries.

Come see where the magic that is the KBOO Bike show has been happening every month since 2001!

9-10AM, Wednesday, January 7th
KBOO FM 90.7
Streamed live at
Podcast here later that day

One response to “Coming Up on the KBOO Bike Show: On-Air Bike Party”

  1. Sounds fun! Maybe a little early for night-owl me :). But that’s why I love the archived podcasts so much.

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