T4America Pushes Congress for a Green Recovery

This came over the transom this week:

With the December holidays just around the corner, Americans everywhere are feeling the pinch.

Congress knows we’re in trouble, but they can’t fix our country’s economy without making a down-payment to complete America’s transportation system.

Urge your representative and senators to fight for strong transportation investment in the recovery bill.

We can get our country moving again with investment in smart infrastructure and a fix-it-first approach.

This means prioritizing the preservation of what we already have – and jump-starting the specific investments that will build us a 21st-century transportation system.

We can’t just waste money on pork-barrel projects. For a true green recovery, we need to invest in ready-to-go projects, build walkable and bikeable communities, construct high-speed trains, and create new jobs that are linked to our clean energy future. These are the environmentally sound solutions that our country needs now and in the years to come.

Already hundreds have spoken up – and already President-elect Obama has stood by our side and given us a seat at the table – but we need you to join with us today so we can make sure Congress follows through.

Click here now to send your message to Congress urging them to support a recovery bill that includes smart, clean transportation investment.

Creating 15 million new jobs that can’t be outsourced, breaking our addiction to oil, investing in a clean, green economic recovery – we can make it happen with your help.


Ilana Preuss
Outreach and Field Director
Transportation for America

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