Likely Appointment of LaHood Greeted with Skepticism

The probable appointment of Rep. Ray LaHood (R- IL) as Secretary of Transportation has alternative transportation advocates scratching their heads. He has little background in transportation. He has supported cycling (he’s a member of Earl’s bicycle caucus) and has shown some support for Amtrak, but otherwise doesn’t appear to have a strong background.

The Overhead Wire has assembled what seems to be known about him on transportation issues.

One response to “Likely Appointment of LaHood Greeted with Skepticism”

  1. As long as he’s not a philosophical opposite, I don’t see that he’d have too much trouble implementing Obama’s agenda. And I assume that’s the posture Obama takes, that DOT will do what he wants them to do. LaHood won’t be a yes man, but it doesn’t seem he’d be an active impediment.

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