Rebalancing Roadways to Build Sustainable Communities

From the Metro Transportation Speaker series:

Rebalancing roadways to build sustainable communities

7:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY SEPT. 24, 2008

Metro Regional Center
Council Chamber
600 NE Grand Ave., Portland
For more information, call 503-797-1543 or visit

Troy Russ has extensive experience providing public and private clients with integrated land use and transportation strategies, with implementation focused design solutions for revitalizing urban and suburban environments. He will focus on transportation solutions that are sensitive to both urban and rural contexts.

Free and open to the public. This lecture is part of Metro’s Transportation Speaker Series. Reservations are not required.

About Troy Russ, AICP

Troy is the director of the Urban Design and Transportation Practice Group with Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Inc., a community planning and design firm. His work experiences include guiding regional growth strategies around premium transit investments in Edmonton, Canada and Charlotte, North Carolina, and facilitating community oriented highway rebalancing projects in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Trenton, NJ. He is a regular panelist for the NEA’s Mayor’s Institute on City Design, and is a leading member of Congress for the New Urbanism.

Trimet bus 6 and MAX light rail Northeast Seventh Avenue stop. Covered bicycle parking is available near the main entrance.

0 responses to “Rebalancing Roadways to Build Sustainable Communities”

  1. Is “Rebalancing Roadways” the new double-talk for ruining perfectly good streets with suspension and alignment-destroying bumps and the inability to turn left?

    Can’t build sidewalks or repave roads that cause safety issues, but we can sure come up with the money to put asphalt mountains on SE 42nd between Holgate and Woodstock, as well as on SW Corbett and SW Grover. On a Sunday, no less; when you’re likely paying overtime.

    Sounds like the next non-descriptive term in a long line, including “Safe Sound Green Streets,” “Boulevarding,” and “Traffic Calming.”

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