Streetcar Loop Moves Forward, Your Input Needed on Future Routes

Yesterday Portland City Council approved the start of final engineering for the Streetcar Loop. The Council had actually conditionally approved this last March. The condition was that we either had to have FTA approval of the Federal dollars, or Congressional earmark of those same dollars.

The facts on the ground did not quite line up with the way the conditions were written: the Senate earmarked the funds, but the House committee did not publish its results (presumably because of partisan issues around the work ‘earmark’).

This is not just an academic concern, since every month we delay adds about $500K in inflationary costs to the project. So today Council voted 4-0 to move the project forward!

Meanwhile, the District working groups for the Streetcar System Plan want YOUR input on potential corridors. Take one or more of our web surveys…

Curious about potential streetcar corridors?

Take the Portland Streetcar Survey for your part of town!

Surveys for North Portland, Northeast Portland, East Portland and Southeast Portland are available at

Help the Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) prioritize potential future streetcar corridors throughout the city. As part of the PDOT Streetcar System Plan (SSP) effort, DISTRICT STREETCAR SURVEYS are now available on the SSP website:

Please take the survey(s) for the area(s) where you live, work or own property.

These surveys were created by citizen-led District Working Groups (DWG) as an informal assessment of community support for potential streetcar corridors. This information about public support will be added to technical data that considers the level of service possible, anticipated ridership, compatibility with the existing transportation system, and opportunities for sustainable neighborhood development along each corridor.

The results of the technical and public involvement evaluation process will guide SSP project staff in developing a long-range, conceptual plan for how future streetcar investments could be prioritized. The SSP will be updated as necessary to reflect the results of later planning efforts, such as the Bureau of Planning’s Portland Plan effort.

The surveys will remain open through Sept. 15, 2008.

Please help us get these surveys out to as many people as possible by forwarding this message to your colleagues, friends and neighbors.

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