Our Drivers Greenest!

The Daily Journal of Commerce is reporting on a “Men’s Health” magazine article ranking Portland 3rd in the nation for the “greenest drivers”:

The magazine said it ranked 100 U.S. cities by using data including gas consumption, miles driven annually, air quality (ozone and particle pollutants), vehicle efficiency (size, age, and frequency of tune-ups), mass transit quality and usage.

I can see why we might be behind Burlington, VT, but I have trouble seeing how Seattle is #1?

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  1. Who know how they come up with this stuff.

    “Al M voted greenest man in Oregon”

    [Since its my post I get to decide such things, just like those magazines do]

  2. Seattle employs very good PR propaganda. Seattle is the big “international” Pacific NW city, heavily dependent upon globalization, home to flattery-loving corporations, Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, cruise lines, pompous art community, etc. God, I hate their artwork, awful stuff, insulting beyond the pale (pail?). Powerful Seattle players are jealous of Portland and do not want the truth known, that Seattle motorists are being driven insane. I cannot trust WsDOT. Grace Crunican has failed Seattle SDOT, just as she failed Oregon ODOT.

  3. Seattle is definitely bigger, but greener? Fat chance in hell.

    I walk the long block streets of Seattle several times a year (usually on business) and the air is definitely NOT more breathable there.

    I mean seriously, the place is built on TOP of a freaking Interstate that does NOTHING for decreasing the pollution. Simply put, the city is a breathing disaster. In addition to that the downtown is in DESPERATE need of trees.

    Seattle needs trees more than many major cities of its size. Portland is a great example of how much better, breathable, cleaner, and more comfortable a city can be when there are regular trees interspersed everywhere around a city.


    Greenest City?


    Al M truly IS the greenest man in Oregon.

    …and my 350Z actually burns water instead of petro. hahaaa.

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