Fregonese on Transportation

John Fregonese, one the nation’s premier regional planners, spoke last night at the Portland Spaces/City Club “Bright Lights” series. Of course, transportation was a frequent topic. Some of John’s thoughts:

  • On transit in our region: buses are being neglected. He’d much rather forgo MAX on Barbur and Powell and provide much better bus service throughout the region, including creating more ‘hubs’ in the system besides downtown Portland (e.g., Beaverton, Gresham).
  • On the CRC: he supports a replacement bridge, but thinks the current 12-lane concept is a product of the “transportation-industrial complex” and will not/should not be built. He likes Metro’s call for more local control in the design.
  • He believes Portland is now dense enough to “pedestrianize” (close to cars all or part of the day) some streets, starting with the park blocks.

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