Coming Up on the KBOO Bike Show: Pedalpalooza and the Carfree Cities Conference

There is so much fun bike action about to explode in Portland! One some Pedalpalooza days there are 17 events from which to choose. Add the Cycle Seen art show, Toward Carfree Cities, Cirque du Cycling and Sunday Parkways to the mix and it gets a little awesomely ridiculous!

But before you get too overwhelmed with all the activities, tune in to the KBOO Bike Show and let us help you make sense of it all.

Organizers from Toward Carfree Cities and Cycle Seen will be with us live in the studio from 9-9:30 am.

From 9:30-10, it’s a whirlwind presentation of Pedalpalooza events from the event hosts. We’ll talk about the Labor History Ride, Women on Bikes, the Vancouver new bike shop ride and plenty of others.

9-10AM, Wednesday, June 4th
KBOO FM 90.7
Streamed live at
Podcast here later that day

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