More VMT Tax Trials

I just finished listening to last week’s presentation on the ODOT trial of a mileage tax and I came away impressed by just how complicated both the study and the means of collecting the info for the tax were. I wonder if the Puget Sound trial was less complicated?

Portland State University
Center for Transportation Studies
Spring 2008 Transportation Seminar Series

Speaker: Matthew Kitchen, Puget Sound Regional Council

Topic: Traffic Study Choices: Findings from a Road Pricing Experiment

When: Friday, April 18, 2008, 12:00-1:30pm

Where: PSU Urban Center Building, SW 6th and Mill, Room 204

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  1. Well, VMT might change the driving patterns of Oregon, but like not for good reasons. I’d definitely hack the device or leave this state if They try to get a tracking device in my car. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist (usually I’ll happily debase them) but this is going way too far for what I’ll tolerate out of government.

    Worse than London’s so-called congestion fee, which is also an easy way to justify getting a whole city on camera.

  2. The whole city of London was already on camera before the congestion charges. 30 some years of IRA warfare, and the city was very interested in tracking the movement of cars, specifically ones that came over on the ferry recently…

    Don’t get me wrong, there can be civil liberty issues with congestion charges, but in London’s case the congestion charges didn’t change anything.

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