Nudging Our Way to Carbon Neutrality

Is getting more sustainable more about lots of little signals than about big sacrifices? That’s what a recent NY Times article suggests.

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  1. Meh, my average utilities, counting heat, stay under $100 still. I also bought a 35+ mpg car in 2004. Live cheap and it pays off.

  2. I totally agree that the little signals are needed. I have a little meter that sits next to the thermostat that says how much electricity I’ve used so far this month, and knowing that information down to the kWh definitely makes it much easier for me to make decisions like “Should I turn up the thermostat, or put on some socks?” Likewise, driving a car with an instantaneous mpg gauges tends to make people slow down and not drive as aggressively.

  3. Would it not be great if every product you purchased contained a statement of the CO2 emitted during it’s production and use? We will never have a free market without enabling consumers to make wise decisions. Same goes for democracy…it’s about information!

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