Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Roundabouts

Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) Professional Development Course *Roundabout Analysis and Design*, May 7-8, 2008 at Portland State University

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The roundabout has emerged as one of the safest and most efficient methods of managing the transportation system, with increasing use`in the Pacific Northwest and around the United States. While roundabouts can often function well under a variety of conditions and design constraints, their design requires careful attention to design details to maximize safety and operational performance.`The instructor experts for this course will present the latest findings and guidelines relative to the development and design of the modern roundabout. In this course, you will review the interrelationships between design, safety, and operational performance as they apply to roundabouts. You will also review the techniques used to successfully accommodate all modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicycles. You will apply these techniques through a variety of case studies and hands-on exercises covering single-lane roundabouts, multilane roundabouts, and peer reviews of other designs.
The basis for the course is the FHWA document entitled, Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, various State supplements, recent national research and committee activity, and the practical experience of the instructors.

Format: This 2- day course will include classroom instruction and discussion, application of course content through problem-solving and case studies. The course will start at 8:00AM both days. Light refreshments, lunches and course materials are included.

**Who Should Attend: This course is appropriate for transportation planners and traffic engineers responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation of traffic control devices; public officials charged with the evaluation of traffic control alternatives; and planners and urban

Instructors: Brian Ray and Wade Scarborough, Kittelson & Associates, Inc

For More Information: contact Robert Bertini at OTREC at 503-725-4249 or bertini@pdx.edu. Fax to 503-725-5950.

Registration: Early registration is $295 before April 15, 2008. Please register by April 15!

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