Eddington Report Staffer to Speak in Portland

From Metro:

In the evening of February 25, Oliver Jones will speak at Metro as part of the Transportation Speaker Series.

Metro Council Chamber, 7:30pm
This event is free and open to the public

About Oliver Jones –
Oliver Jones is a former UK Senior Civil Servant. Having graduated from Cambridge University in England, he started his career with the Department for Trade and Industry. From 2000 to 2003 he worked in 10 Downing Street as an advisor in Prime Minister Blair’s Policy Directorate. He then moved to the UK Treasury, where he led the team conducting Sir Rod Eddington’s (former British Airways CEO) landmark study into the future of the UK transport system. For the last year he has been head of the Board Support Division at the UK Department for Transport, leading on transport strategy development. He is traveling in the US with Josie, his wife of three weeks.
About the Eddington Report –

Tony Blair’s government asked Sir Rod Eddington to advise them on the long-term links between transport and the UK’s economic productivity, growth and stability, within the context of the government’s commitment to sustainable development.

The report was based on extensive research and analysis and reaches some interesting recommendations about priorities for transportation investments in Britain, especially in congested urban areas and international gateways.

Sir Rod Eddington had a small team to assist him with the research and report, including Oliver Jones, then with the UK Ministry of the Treasury. The Eddington Transport Study was published 13 months ago.

The executive summary can be found at http://www.dft.gov.uk/162259/187604/206711/executivesummary

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