Gasoline tax in Oregon

Hi everyone,

I paid a visit to the Oregon state website to see what I could discover on the gasoline tax. The Department of Revenue site has some links to “tax expenditures”, in which Chap. 3 discusses “gas, use, and jet fuel taxes”. P. 301 gives these figures:

— current state tax rate $0.24/gallon, federal rate $0.184/gallon
— revenue expected in the 2003-05 biennium $806.7 million, and in the 2005-07 biennium $832.3 millon

So much for the revenue side, now the expenditure side. On the Budget and Management site, the 2003-05 ODOT actual budget totaled about $2.68 billion (p. G-5). P. G-6 says most of ODOT’s revenue comes from the gasoline tax and from licensing and registration fees. I couldn’t easily find the licensing revenue, but it couldn’t possibly account for 3-fold difference between the gas tax and ODOT expenditures.

It’s often said that gas taxes pay for roads, and some people resent gas taxes being used for other things (like transit). Yet it seems the state is taking in, in gas taxes, only 1/3 of ODOT’s expenditures. Where’s the rest coming from? Can someone help me reconcile this apparent contradiction?



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