Surplus helps bicyclists, addicts, more

The city of Portland is expecting a budget surplus this year, and in stark contrast to the recent Interstate Avenue debacle, the city council unanimously approved how the additional funds would be divided. Some of the money has even been earmarked for certain improvements to the transportation infrastructure:

Another big winner was Portland’s cycling community. Commissioner Sam Adams won funding for a $200,000 project to reduce conflicts between bikes and trucks at 14 dangerous intersections. Adams didn’t get money for other projects, however, including $350,000 for repairs to the east side of the Steel Bridge.

No mention was made in the Oregonian article about the specific intersections that are being targeted by Adams for improvements.

There was more give-and-take with this vote than usual because the council expects to have more funding in the future, thus allowing some of the projects that weren’t approved this time to be revisited:

The $5.7 million “fall bump” is an updating of the current budget, but city officials expect next year’s budget to be higher than previously thought, as well.

To find out what other projects will benefit as a result of the surplus, continue reading Surplus helps bicyclists, addicts, more

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  1. And all along I thought Portland was teetering on the brink of filing bankruptcy! I wonder how ’08 will play out. In times past Oregon’s economy got hit hard but it lagged behind other areas.

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