Mercury Blog: Fred Hansen Announces Proposals for Increased Security

The Mercury’s Blogtown PDX has a post about Fred Hansen’s appearance at the City Club, speaking about MAX security.

Check out the entire post for all the details. Based on that article, Fred’s proposals appear to boil down to:

  • Increasing the Transit Police Division staff by 10 percent.
  • Increasing fare inspections by giving Wackenhut staff the authority to write tickets and exclude unruly people, and increasing their staff from 15 to 36.
  • Fixing or replacing ticket vending machines. (It’s unclear if this is beyond the new machines already in the current budget.)
  • Partnering with Victory Outreach Community Services Inc. which seeks to prevent Latino youth from joining gangs.
  • Streamlining exclusion policies and making the code of conduct more enforceable.
  • Brighter lighting for existing stations and more security cameras.
  • Cut Fareless Square’s operating hours to 7AM through 7PM.

It appears that the Fareless Square hours limitation is something he seeks to have handled very soon with the TriMet board. Further changes to the square, if any, would be made as part of a larger public process.

TriMet has posted two documents on their web site with more details:

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