Deeper Dive on Nextbus

Following up on our initial questions about cases in which the Nextbus arrival information system used by Portland Streetcar might be not entirely accurate, two PSU class project teams took their own look.

I had a chance to sit in on the team project presentations, which are now posted online.

The headline is that while one team was a little harsher than the other, they essentially found that Nextbus is generally accurate but that there are exception cases.

Both teams were limited to manually collected data. I think the next logical step is some kind of automated data collection process that can produce a very large data set which can be mined to help sort out the specific situations in which the system doesn’t provide good customer information so we can address it with the vendor.

It might also be interesting to compare the accuracy of Nextbus’ system with that of TriMet’s Transit Tracker, since replacing Nextbus with TriMet’s technology is probably an option in the future.

Big thank yous to both student teams!

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