Red-light rundown

Tuesday, the Portland Tribune ran an article to debunk some of the myths surrounding red light cameras in Portland. It is a fairly quick read and rather informative for those of us who aren’t familiar with the local version of the program.

While city leaders and city police still hear the complaints once in a while – about Big Brother, about traffic enforcement simply for revenue generation, about the inability to cross-examine a machine – the red-light cameras operating during the last several years at five of the city’s busiest intersections seem to have worked.

At least based on some important barometers: Red-light running at those intersections is down, as are vehicle crashes, and injuries in vehicle crashes.

So the city is doubling its red-light enforcement program. Last month, it added another intersection to those that have been monitored by cameras since late 2001 and early 2002 – an intersection right next to City Hall, coincidentally.

During the next three months or so, cameras will be added to five more intersections that have had high numbers of red-light running, vehicle crashes and crash injuries.

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