Biodiesel craze turns fryer grease to gold

This article, from the Daily Journal of Commerce, gives insight into the present recycled cooking oil market in Portland and the effects due to the popularity of biodiesel. Mostly gone are the days of getting used oil for free, some restaurants are now charging up to $1.20 per gallon to collect their used grease to be converted to biodiesel.

“You have processors now in the metro area who are looking at using that grease for biodiesel primarily,” Mike McCallum, president and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant Association, said. “There are restaurants who are being solicited for the use of the grease and are getting some money for it.”

While this is indicative of an increasing demand for biodiesel in Portland, it also likely means increased prices for the end-user.

The result in the long run may be more expensive biodiesel at the pump.

“It’s going to drive the cost of biodiesel sky-high,” Loren Fennell, founder of the Alternative Energy Coalition, who collected used oil for years for Portland biodiesel cooperatives before quitting due to the increased competition.

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