Bay Area Drivers Would Support Global Warming Gas Tax

This article, on Planetizen, describes the results of a survey of 1,800 Bay Area residents that included questions asking if they would be willing to pay an increased gas tax if the additional revenue were dedicated to efforts to curb “greenhouse gas emissions,” including researching alternative fuel, improving transportation options, and reducing congestion. The article goes on to compare the results of the Bay Area study to similar research conducted internationally with similar findings.

“Would Bay Area residents, already saddled with the highest gas prices in the country, be willing to pay a 25-cent fee on a gallon of gas if the money were spent to reduce the effects of global warming? According to a new poll, the answer is an unresounding “yes.”

“Preliminary findings indicate that Bay Area residents were “mostly willing to pay 25 cents more” (but opposed 50 cents) for a gallon of gas “if it would be used to limit or reduce global warming,” according to a recent telephone poll commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The residents also indicated they would want the additional revenue from such an increase to go toward providing more transit services and research into alternative fuels and cleaner engines, according to the memo”.

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