A Coming Future When Cars Are Not Privately Owned

Via Planetizen: During a speech on next-generation fuels, the Chairman of Ford Motor Company addresses the problem of traffic congestion and likens it to another long-time concern about automobiles, saying congestion will “soon be just as critical of a vehicle issue as emissions are now.” He even goes so far as to suggest that the privately-owned automobile may not be the wave of the future anymore.

Fifty years ago Henry Kaiser said that the only limiting factor on auto sales would be the presence of enough roads to drive them on. Even more telling is when Mr. Ford states that the current model of the privately owned automobile will change.

“Pointing to efforts under way in India and South Africa to encourage consumers to use bicycles, mopeds and public transportation instead of automobiles, Mr. Ford said, ”The idea of individual car ownership as we know it today will change, too.”

Ford wants ”to be part of that — not to be frightened by it, but to participate in it,” he said.”

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